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Prominent Boutique Real Estate Team


At the Najjar Group, our top priority is to facilitate your transition into a new home and better life style - ushering you to the next stage of your life, with service that comes from the heart.

David Najjar    (201) 725-7932

David Najjar

(201) 725-7932

Joelle DePalo    (973) 699-0661

Joelle DePalo

(973) 699-0661

Eric Najjar    (201) 725-1812

Eric Najjar

(201) 725-1812

Tamir Najjar    (718) 702-0040

Tamir Najjar

(718) 702-0040

Jimmy Alfonso Benito    (201) 420-9484

Jimmy Alfonso Benito

(201) 420-9484

Dana Shaheen    (973) 632-6291

Dana Shaheen

(973) 632-6291

Eric Tamm    (201) 725-1881

Eric Tamm

(201) 725-1881

Luis Ribagorda    (646) 491-2341

Luis Ribagorda

(646) 491-2341

Christina Cuesta    (845) 659-2013

Christina Cuesta

(845) 659-2013


A successful real estate business isn’t just about marketing and moving product, it’s about helping people. The Najjar Group is dedicated to providing people like you awesome service that comes from the heart. Whether buying a home in Jersey City, selling a home in Hoboken, renting a home along the waterfront - or anything in between – we can assist with a big smile!

Get to know us a little better and we hope to get to know you better too!